Monday, 6 July 2020

slowest lessons to learn

Patience and Wisdom - the signposts and destination

of a life well-lived

psychology/sociology - from the point of view of a 360+ year old non-feeding (reformed) vampire.

What are the slowest lessons to learn?

 The answer is easy,
 the details aren't!

Patience and wisdom.

A 360 year old non-feeding vampire is still on this journey, and probably will never 'arrive' at the most desirable destination ...

For example, the most annoying and inconsiderate people will believe absolute, self-serving nonsense, and rely on others to clear up their mess, rely on peers to support their illusions ... and they will.

A commonplace example is their planning to leave every job to other people - neighbours, the state, anyone and everyone. They justify this to themselves by highlighting the dishonesty of the very rich, the very powerful, corrupt politicians, etc.

It feels unfair and annoying to be forever clearing up behind them, until you realise:

You need worthwhile things to do, and doing worthwhile jobs well is rewarding, providing you aren't permanently exhausted. You can choose to sing while doing the job.

The resolute 'passengers' will end up bitter, unfulfilled, and quite possibly useless.

  Youngsters can skip this bit - 
A decade of hard work, seemingly frustrated, over and over, by the witless, is worth it for one minute of epiphany.

A real life example from urban Britain: 30 years after an extended tribe of idle fantasists made life hell for a friend of mine, they are all broke, ill (several prematurely deceased), washed out, bitter and (still) uneducated.
Patience and Wisdom - the signposts and destination
of a life well-lived

The friend, who continually bailed them out - rewarded with insults - is fit, solvent, happy and almost universally liked. The backsliders describe him as spent, ill, bitter, dim, broke!

Never underestimate the power of projection / denial / collective fantasy (take your pick).

If you don't carry the passengers, you'll probably waste more time just mulling over the injustice of it all.

 Do the work, enjoy it, and SING. It isn't fair, but life isn't fair. It is often symbolic, meaningful, and a learning experience.

 For example, learning that if you have to repeat a job - say, mending a vandalised fence (again) don't rush it like the backsliders would, but think how could this be a better fence? How could it be the best possibly fence? How can it enhance your own garden?


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