Friday, 10 January 2020

easy steps to freedom

Thought for the day:

Why does nearly everyone on the supermarket look confused, impatient, lost, oblivious to those around them?

consumerism, extraversion and climate changeWhy do they look angry when they get in their £23,000, black, 4 wheel drive, aggressive Shopping Trolley?

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consumerism, extraversion and climate change

Because they have been taken over by advertising, losing their money and freedom.

Walking to the shop, buying what you NEED, and having the time and money left to pursue the 278,000 creative and productive pastimes, crafts and hobbies available is healthier and happier ...
consumerism, extraversion and climate change

278,000 is a guess! There are probably more


WELLBEING - self-care,
exercise, healthy food, longevity

WHOLENESS - wisdom quotes,
imagination, open minds, symbolic life 

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