Tuesday, 21 January 2020

pickup placement on electric guitar

I'm a happy bunny!

Endless moving around of pickups on spare electric guitar has never really satisfied.

The maths (arithmetic) suggests the harmonics that give a single note its tone are multiples of the root frequency: f, 2f, 3f, etc.

for a note C, the full sound would incorporate all these notes:

C, C2, G2,
C3, E3, G3, Bb3
C4, D4 ...

C2 is an octave above C etc.

The wonderful open source software MuseScore just happens to have a midi approximation to a sine wave, so I had a play:

(MuseScore regulars please note. I'm a complete beginner and guaranteed to have done something wrong!).


Note: the higher harmonics on a guitar string are increasingly wild approximations to the given notes.

Changing the relative volume of the harmonics generates some truly bizarre sounds - guitar stomp box (FX) overdue :)


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