Saturday, 1 February 2020

more wealth = less empathy

In everyday language, the rich care less about the less fortunate, in fact they seem to be practically invisible.
more wealth = less empathy
With sufficient (unbiased) experience of life, this is fairly obvious, but well designed recent research demonstrates the fact very clearly.

Full story in news format:

science shows the richer you get the less you pay attention to other people

The original science:

Social Class and the Motivational Relevance of Other Human Beings

Evidence From Visual Attention

N.B. The most complete study of capital, including
 its usefulness and mis-use:

Capital in 21st Century - Piketty


DARKNESS - lifelong debt,
reinventing slavery, pathological wealth 

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  1. Inherited wealth is still monopolising land and homes and effectively enslaving the most vulnerable.

    The vast amount of work performed by Thomas Piketty and colleagues is pretty much ignored. And the very wealthy have support groups to keep telling themselves that it's okay.