Saturday, 14 March 2020

One World - poetry of soul, values, freedom

How relaxing to be economically free
To have no debts, nor care for what money can buy
Free to ignore the adman's blare

How rewarding to be emotionally free
To enjoy good company and time alone
Free to choose with whom to share

How perfect to be mentally free
To choose how to think, surely that's liberty?
Free to choose your own thoughts and to say no

It's blissful to see a spirit that's free
Everyday to cultivate creativity
Free to feed the inner glow

It's wholesome to be projection free
Coming home, to where you can really BE

To heed your feelings in this heart
To dance your joy on these feet

To feel your soul in this body
To shed your own tears with these eyes

To hear the goddess when she calls
And lift your child when she falls

One world the only goal
Free to marry spirit with soul
And eagle with dove
And sword with song
To work with love
And sing along
One World ...
One World ...

Copyright Peter Fairbrother    @pjforguk

Labels:  freedom, Gaia, lifelong debt, poems, soul
spirit, values, goddess

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