Thursday, 26 March 2020

the experience of unity

The central core of the experience seems to be the conviction, or insight, that the immediate now, whatever its nature, is the goal and fulfillment of all living.

{A quote from "This is IT", by Alan Watts (page 18). A favourite book of mine; first published in 1958.}

This is IT, Alan Watts In the middle of the coronavirus nightmare of 2020, it is shocking how unusual it feels, to be anywhere even slightly urban ... and not be deafened by traffic, haste, and seemingly aimless activity.

Anyone would think that being alive and (hopefully) conscious on a beautiful planet - still the only one proven to have conscious life - isn't, in itself, reason enough to be overcome with joy and gratitude.

It is

Alan Watts hints at the possible experience of Unity in this excellent book. Similar themes are the subject of Islands of Sanity in Dark Days
and Resurrection as depth psychology in Gnostic Gospels

 and with the same themes as this post: spirit (Rumi poetry), consciousness - mystical experience after a strike, wisdom and quotes - evolution of consciousness, psychology and freedom

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  1. More posts to follow from Alan Watts (and this book). The first chapter / essay really summarizes the whole philosophy and the following chapters go into the details.