Friday, 1 May 2020

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Quick route to fitness, health: exercise

Parenting in the UK

Wisdom quotes and psychology of the spirit. faith v belief

Primary Education

How Art Therapy Helps Children With Mental Health and Communication Issues

corporate politics - presidential auctions

Schools Kill Creativity - the remedy ...

nutrition on a budget - healthy food beans

archive of posts

trouble at mill

Eating disorder IS hunger, but ... which food?

global patriotism / community

Pathological Wealth - and solutions

The roots of poverty in wealthy countries

navigation for visitors using mobile devices

Living Here and Now - zen quote

best diabetes resource online

the experience of unity

image for new twitter card

Food, advertising and trying too hard for wellbeing

Hermetic view of human potential

Inherited wealth - Jens Beckert

listening to our own advice

Voces8 - May it Be (Enya) vocal harmony octet

Inequality in Europe as % of GDP

healthy diet and poverty

organics, soul and planet

optimum excercise for middle age

Capital in 21st Century - Piketty

psychology, consciousness, ego in very young children

Mystical experience following a stroke - jill bolte taylor's stroke of insight

solar renewable energy, biodiversity and wildlife combine

wisdom v money - Dalai Lama

Capitalism: A Love Story

Islands of Sanity in Dark Days

Learning to play guitar - #1

useful emojis

making the most of software and internet

a light in the darkness - individual psychology in consumer society

Self Knowledge and Self Reliance

more wealth = less empathy

A Ridiculous Hypothesis - Most work is an opportunity.

Symbolism in Lord of the Rings

religious institution or gnostic psychological transformation

pickup placement on electric guitar

Resurrection as depth psychology in Gnostic Gospels

quotes to inspire

wholeness implies simplicity implies wholeness

easy steps to freedom

European renaissance and the Philosophy of Hermes

TweetSpace 🦉 🌄 Healthy Food, Wisdom, Quotes, discussion, exercise, Self Knowledge

Fullness in the Nag Hammadi Scriptures

Desire and happiness - wisdom of Epictetus

wholeness and imperfections v conformity

Resurgence of Wholeness

Hermetic wisdom concealed in symbols for future benefit

youthful wisdom - everybody has value

arts, hope and the best possible outcome

Spirit in Nature - poetic Rumi

Beyond creativity, crafts and hobbies (but don't stop!)

obscene wealth inequality

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