Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Parenting in the UK

There has been very distressing news in the national newspapers. Despite initiatives by government to provide pre-school classes and social workers, it seems more than half of the nation's five year old children begin school lacking the most basic skills.

 For example being able to hold a pencil or communicate in comprehensible English.
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Poverty and cuts have been blamed, but how much does it cost to speak with your children? How expensive is plain paper and a pencil?

Somehow things have gone dreadfully wrong, and I suspect the polarised debate between 'left' and 'right' will be as fruitless as ever, and divert attention from the architects (the very rich who love a docile 'workforce' and pull the strings of governments and the media - all of whom are in debt to ... the very rich), and the resolutely witless who are given everything and spend all day moaning that someone has more than them.

From conception to school is about six years. That's over 2,000 days. Is it really normal to spend 2,000 days watching the drivel on TV and never thinking to get your child some paper and pencils?

 Is it normal to spend 2,000 days and never go to the FREE local library and borrow FREE books to read with your infant?

Apparently it is. So the solution is to become abnormal:

Doubt the value of the soap operas as a way of spending your time.

Doubt the value of the local load-mouth who insists 'School teachers don't know nothin'.

Doubt the value of multinational corporations who insist you need every new gimmick in your home.

And above all - doubt the peculiar notion that things can't change for the better. They can, and sometimes do.

I know some poor souls who lack the confidence to use the library, which is very sad. They have peers who support their belief that libraries have nothing to offer, but fail to realise that this is a defence mechanism - the realisation that they have been missing out being too scary to contemplate.

Please use the library, the internet, every thing you can to enhance your life. Many things are difficult, even scary the first time. And every single one is a bit easier the second time, and the third, ...

The most damaging forms of poverty are poverty of ideas, and poverty of role models.

Response by email:

Parenting is the answer, not nannying - adults should be parents, not idiots and adolescents.

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