Saturday, 20 June 2020

Clued Up ... at 370 years. Gardening cooking and health

The reformed vampire gazed at his stubble, still mostly black, and realised he'd have to move house ... and identity ... again.

 People can be complementary about his apparently ageless aging ... on the surface.

 And their whole body language and facial acrobatics are shouting resentment. Why don't you have grey hair!? Oh well.
healthy food education
healthy food education

He perched on the side of the bath and thought aloud ...

Probably I'm 370 years old now, my exact birth date unknown, and in my more naive moments I think I'm Getting The Hang of Life. You may well laugh.

  It isn't just about learning or realising something new, it's about unlearning something old. Currently the feeling that I ought to grow everything I eat.

Decades of poverty led to my keen interest in growing food, which I don't regret.

 Environmental damage deepened my interest in how we grow and transport food, but looking at the evidence for lifestyle-related illnesses - diabetes, obesity, eating disorders and poverty (especially in Tory Britain) what we do in the kitchen now feels more urgent than the gardening.

 An example: Peanuts are on excellent appetite-suppressant (for example for diabetics), so what do food corporations do?

They add 3% sugar, producing sugar spikes and falls, and eternal appetite.

 There are some Healthy Option alternatives, the manufacturers haven't the trouble and expense of adding sugar ... so they charge twice as much for the inferior product which doesn't have the added sugar.

 Other examples:
 the vitamins  are better in frozen chips than in potatoes that have been stored. The glycaemic index is lower, too.

Metal recycling of canned beans - it makes more sense to cook your own (lots at once), then use a freezer.

 Best practice, for health, the environmental and economy nowadays suggests having a freezer...

Increasingly frustrating is the abuse from people who have solar roof, or drive 6 miles to buy 6 freerange eggs, or are decidedly vegan (or the opposite!) and choose to chastise everyone who ... guess what ... isn't like them.

 Many UK people now buy exclusively renewable energy, and they don't need to manufacture all that control gear and fittings for every house to have a roof-top installation.

 There's a barn roof near here with enough panels for 2 or 3 streets ... and only one lot of high tech control gear to feed it into the local grid.

Incidentally there are now British supermarkets that only stock free range eggs - and one token 'battery eggs' ... which they price dearer, sending a very clear message :)

Then the self-appointed critics berate a lorry driver who brings oats from  Scotland to England. FOOD MILES! they scream. Well, carbon footprint per meal is more meaningful:

40 gram serving and 40 tonne lorry - exactly one million meals, and 80 litres of fuel. 1 million meals for 80,000 grams (not exact; diesel lighter than water). 125 meals per gram of fuel. or 0.08 grams fuel per meal.

 The egg collector is at least 100 grams of fuel for 3 meals. 33 grams fuel per meal. (2 eggs)

You can't reason with the abuser -  They Teflon shrug (denial), verbally abuse you and depart without, apparently, any functional hearing.

Is there a clear principal that is common to all these bewilderbeasts?

There is.

The real solution is one that works for everyone, not just the cult who wish to feel superior to their chosen enemies.

The reformed vampire noticed his hair turning grey, though it may have been gray, and resolved to go walking 


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The antics of resolutely unconscious people can (does) feel like #BewilderbeastsInParadise, but there is a more positive point of view:

Paradise amid bewilderbeasts. Aka #islandsofsanity - - - #leadbyexample

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